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Why Choose Akme?

On site testing reduce the risk of employee tampering and adulteration of test samples, lowers the risk for offsite employee injury due to travel, and expedites the return of the employee to the workforce thereby reducing the loss of work- time and productivity.

If your company has multiple shifts, it is more convenient to have us come to your place of business to conduct drug testing. Most clinics are not open outside of normal business hours; therefore, our mobile service was designed to accommodate companies that function around the clock.

If one of your staff is involved in an accident on the job or on the road, or if you suspect the use of drugs or alcohol at the workplace, it is critical that you get a qualified technician out to the scene quickly. Our mobile staff can be deployed 24/7/365 for DOT or non-DOT drug and alcohol testing. 

Additional fees will apply for immediate, emergency services. 

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